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Great Late Ice Options

        Great Late Ice Options by Ron Anlauf                                                      Great late ice options should definitely include some bluegills.  By late winter you can expect ‘gills to stay active and actually turn it up a notch and is when you can do plenty of catching. Some of their positive attitude can be attributed to diminishing snow cover and increasing light penetration which pumps up the oxygen levels.  It’s a good situation for anglers who want to get in some serious pole bending before it all comes to a screeching halt.       Finding hot pockets of late winter ‘gills isn’t all that tough and includes deeper flats near shallower summer haunts like weed covered beds and sh ...

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Movin Out for January Walleyes

Movin Out for January Walleyes by Ron Anlauf   Good ice came earlier this season than it has in recent memory and was welcome news for those chomping at the bit to get it all started.  In the northern part of the State anglers were even out before Thanksgiving on the shallower lakes like Red and the walleye action was red hot.  If there is a downside to the early start it might be the possibility of the notorious mid-winter slump showing up a little sooner.  Even so; January is still a great time to be on the ice and there are more opportunities right now for keeping your pole bent than at any other time during the hard water season.   Access is the key and by now you should be able get just about anywhere you want to go.  If that’s the case the next question is; where do you really want to go?  Deciding on a starting spot can be a bit of a head scratcher especially on bigger water like Red, Winnibigoshish, or Lake of the Woods.  There is just so much water to co ...

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Take Your Pick for First Ice

Take Your Pick for First Ice by Ron Anlauf   There are plenty of good first ice destinations but these are my personal pics and they’re some dandies.  From big walleyes to giant pike to eye poppin perch you can take your pick and it really is all good.  Sure they all probably require some extra drive time but they are all about as close to a lead pipe cinch as you can get.   First on the list is Lake of the Woods which puts out tons of walleyes every year.  From the Rainy River, to Pine Island, to the NW Angle; the fishing is always good.  Sure there are times when it’s better than others and you can run into difficult fishing on occasion but even then it’s still good, especially when you compare it to any other fishery.  The early season action starts out relatively shallow along the break line off of Pine Island and moves deeper and deeper as the season progresses.  Same thing for shoreline breaks all the way over to Long Point and beyond.  As good ice develo ...

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Passive Aggressive Walleyes

Passive Aggressive Walleyes                 by Ron Anlauf                         Good ice came early last season, earlier than it has in recent memory and was welcome news for those chomping at the bit to get it all started.  In some of the northernmost parts of the country; anglers were even out on the shallower lakes before Thanksgiving, and it’s been years since that has happened.  The attraction to the early season is action and lots of it, especially when it comes to walleyes.  They typically start out gangbusters and slow down steadily as the season progresses and some of the most exciting bites come early in the season.  Productive early season techniques include plenty of jigging spoons and are really hard to beat when you’re looking for fish.  A spoon tipped with a minnow head is qu ...

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