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Captain Juls: Fishing with Bill and Ryan Quinn 4/28/15

Fishing with Bill and Ryan Quinn 4/28/15 I had high hopes for today's fishing trip with the Quinn men. They came to town on Saturday night and fished Sunday and Monday in an area I marked on a map for them Sunday morning over coffee and JT's Cafe doughnuts. I told them the program I had been running previously, and they went out and managed a limit each day. They had a lot of fun, and said it was the best walleye fishing they've experienced...ever. Ryan caught one over 30 that he's having mounted, unless he gets another one that's bigger by the end of the week. They fish the co angler side of the Pro/Am walleye tournaments...and, they fish Green Bay, Lake Michigan, Winnebago, and many other large bodies of water in Wisconsin and across the country. They are not novice anglers by any means. Today, I felt like one though... Ugh! It was tough today! We launched at 8:30 at Mazurik's and headed to where they had been fishing the past couple of days and made a couple passes, before ...

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Fishing with Phil, Joe, and Jason 4/24/15

  Fishing with Phil, Joe, and Jason 4/24/15 First, let me apologize for the lateness of this blog entry. I got distracted with a lot of little odds and ends work that needed to get done, and by the time I looked at the clock, it was bedtime.  Anyway, the bite was slow for us yesterday. We started out from Mazurik's and headed to the NW corner of Kelly's. We set up on the line I had fish on before this blow and picked up three fish, by the time we finished that pass.  Everyone on the radio was mentioning how slow it was for them, and struggling to figure out how to make them bite.  I figured it would be an afternoon bite, once the water came up a degree or two with the high sunshine yesterday. And, from what I heard, that happened for those in the right areas. The water temps last Saturday were in the high 40's....and yesterday, it was back down to 45.8 where we were, so it dropped a few degrees with this cold front that is passing through this week.  We were runni ...

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Fishing with Captain Juls: Ken Braho and Family 4/18/15

Fishing with Captain Juls Fishing with Ken Braho and Family 4/18/15 Part two of a one day/two trip adventure.... Ken, Amy, and Tyler had jumped in my boat for the second round of fishing yesterday. They have never trolled with inline planer boards before, so it was a quick lesson setting the baits out with the snap weights and Off Shore boards. Ken's son Tyler caught on very quickly, and was left to set lines on his side of the boat while I showed Ken and Amy how to do it on their side of the boat. As usual, women only have to be told once how to do something, and Amy had it down pat. Ken, on the other hand, who I would find to be very entertaining throughout the day, needed a more watchful eye. lol (I say that in jest....he did just fine, but was fun to pick on, because he was picking on me!) I don't need to tell you the program, because after a successful first trip in the morning, we didn't change anything. We headed right back to the NW corner of Kelly's and set up. We picked u ...

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