Ask the Captain

Q: When perch fishing in the Fall from an anchored boat, how long should one wait before moving to
a different location if the fishing is slow? Should one wait for perch to find the boat or is better to move on to locate perch?

Captain Doug Stein Responds:

Keep moving till you find the fish. Also, be prepared to move with the school of fish after you start catching them.

Captain Stan Cornelius responds:

I generally like to fish an area about 30 minutes before trying to locate another spot, but after that I think its best to move the location.

Q:Which size dipsy diver do most captains prefer, size 0 or 1? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each size?

Captain Doug Stein responds:

We prefer both sizes. I run the smaller ones on the boards, with larger ones at the side of the boat. Both sizes are run with different types of lines (mono, fireline, single strand wire) to reach various depths where the fish are.

Captain Ed Letour Responds:

Which dipsy do I prefer? I use both 0 & #1 dipsy divers. I use different combinations when trolling. The 0 dipsy diver set on the 0 setting will dive to different depths depending on the amount of line let out. I will flat line a couple of them in rough water when I am not able to run my planer boards along with the #1 dispys I am running. The other advantage is, I set the 0 dipsy’s off my planer boards about 20 ft apart to increase my spread pattern, all are acting as flat lines ( #1 dipsys pull too hard to run off your boards) . The #1 dipsy’s are used to run inside of my 0 dipsys. Sample by using different diver settings. With the 3-2-1 program you achieve spread and different depths by distance of line out. Some days every thing works but some days the 0 dipsys may be working hot, while other days your #1 dipsy’s may be the ticket.


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