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The date of this writing is September 12th, 2001, the day after. Itís difficult for me to focus on the task at hand, as you can imagine, given what happened just yesterday. The Terrorist hijackings of our commercial airliners, the attack and destruction of the World Trade Center Buildings and the Pentagon, the loss of thousands of US lives, have left me, like most of us, shocked, full of grief and with feelings of rage and anger toward whoever planned and implemented these attacks on the US.

As I think about and pray for the thousands lost, and their loved ones I also pray that our leaders take quick and decisive action against these terrorists and all world terrorists. I believe our nation will rise up and become even stronger than before. Our freedom has a long legacy and it will continue, despite the terrorist attempts by others to diminish it.

This time has given me a chance to reflect on all that is good in our country and the true freedom we enjoy as citizens. I have vowed to myself to NEVER again take for granted the simple things that are our rights: Reading the daily paper, filled with thoughts and opinions of others; Going to work (for myself, not for some regime or dictatorship government) and earning a living to support my family; Attending religious services when and where I choose; recreating and enjoying my hobbies, such as fishing on Lake Erie. We are a fortunate people!

Back to the task at hand. This past spring and summer has seen some of the best walleye fishing in years. I wonít go as far as some who have compared it to the heydays of the 1980s, but it was good. The best fishing was in the western basin and the central basin. Eastern basin anglers found walleyes more difficult to come by (see Joe Fischerís Eastern Lake Erie Report).

Smallmouth Bass fishing and perch fishing in late summer have also been fantastic. The early indications for the fall perch season are very promising. Many limits reported (and a few in my boat too!).

Many dedicated anglers are looking forward to the late fall walleye bite off of Huron, Ohio. The fishing there in recent years has been incredible, all the way up to late November. Whether from boat, pier or shoreline, night anglers likely will have a lot of fun in the coming weeks off of Huron. Walleyes, be on your guard!

In this fall issue of the magazine we again (has it been 6 years already?) report on the annual status of the Yellow Perch fishery in Lake Erie with lots of statistics and numbers, for those that care for that kind of stuff. We also have several articles on perch, walleye and smallmouth fishing, with emphasis on fall fishing. These have been contributed by some of the best fishermen to tread Lake Erie Waters including Bud Riser, Michael Veine, Ted Takasaki, Mark Martin, Mark Hicks and others. Enjoy and till next time, continued good fishing!