The Fall 1996 Issue of Lake Erie Walleye

In This Issue

Vol 2, No. 3 Fall, 1996

Walleye News & Fact File

The 1996 Yellow Perch Report

"Dog Days" Trolling in Erie's Western Basin

Rick Kubb shares with the readers a trip mad this past summer trolling around the islands.

Cyberspace - Fishing's Final Frontier

Ted Takasaki explains how and why fishermen can benefit from the internet.

Late Fall Walleye Shoreline Fishing

The author reports on where, when and how you can catch trophy 'eyes late in the season.

Keeping Canadian Gill Netters at Bay

Melissa Hathaway explains how law enforcement officials help protect Ohio's walleye from illegal commercial fishing.

Eastern Basin Walleyes

Don Rea summarizes the fishing year in the east.

Hard Water Walleyes, Ice Fishing Preview

It won't be long till winter arrives and the diehards take to the ice for some 'reel' action.

Ask the Captain

Equipment & Tackle News

Charter Boat Association News

Walleye Tournament Results

Charter Service Directory