The Fall 1997 Issue of 
Lake Erie Walleye

In This Issue
Vol 3, No. 3 Fall, 1997

Lake Erie Walleye News & Fact File
* Sturgeon Catches Increase During Perch Season
* Sightings of Native Lamprey on the Rise
* Lake Erie Fishing Report
* Lake Erie Yellow Perch Donated To Charities

The 1997 Yellow Perch Fisheries Report
Yellow perch fish stocks are analyzed using data from state fisheries reports

How Do I Become a Better Fisherman?
Mike McClelland shares his views on how you can improve your fishing techniques and overall enjoyment of fishing.

Spinner Rigs:  Put a Twist on Your Walleye Tactics!
Ted Takasaki and Sctt Richardson explain the best ways to use spinner rigs.

Perch Jerkin', Western Basin Style
Captain George Jumper and the Editr enjoy a day of perch fishing in Erie's Western Basin

The Eastern Basin Walleye Report

Is There a Future for Loran C?

The Captains Corner

Ask the Captain
Professional anglers answer your walleye questions.

Equipment & Tackle News

Charter Boat Association News

Walleye Tournament Results

Charter Service Directory


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