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New Central Lake Erie Maps

Coverage from Ruggles Beach to
 Geneva, OH

Coverage from Ashtabula, OH to
New York State Line


Western Basin of Lake Erie on CD

Only $29.95 each....
This new Digital Map is a powerful tool for the fisherman of the NEW MILLENNIUM.  Not only do you have the latest, detailed lake map of Erie's famous Western Basin, you have a GPS system that instantly allows you to pinpoint coordinates.  You can easily plot, label and log any GPS waypoint.

A simple click of your mouse puts you in command of an on-screen navigator designed to show where you are on the map at all times.  The map features depth contours, structure, boat ramps, an active lat/long grid plus online fishing tips and techniques and valuable lake information.

    A great tool for planning Western Basin trips as well as for logging previous trips for reference later.

Minimum System Requirements:
- Microsoft windows 95/98 -  Intel Pentium 66mhz processor 
(200 mhz recommended)  - 16 mb RAM (32+ recommended)
- 2x CD-ROM  - Video Card  -20 megabytes of hard disk space






Only $10.95/$11.95 each....

This highly detailed map includes depth contours, boat landings and structure, such as reefs, bars,points and humps.  Navigation aids, including the Camp Perry Firing Range buoys are depicted as well.  Also included on the map is a comprehensive report that provides anglers with valuable information about the lake and fishery.  Some of the numerous facts revealed in the report include: gamefish abundance and growth rates, forage base, water clarity, weedline depth and bottom type.


All Print Maps are only  $10.95/$11.95 each....
* Major Western Reefs
* Bass Islands
* Sandusky Bay
* Eastern Basin (PA/NY line to Sturg. Point)
* Eastern Basin (Sturg. Point to Peace Bridge)