Night Stalker Walleye Tee Shirts, Hats and Lapel Pins
Designed by Carpe Carpio FISH Designs
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Only $17.00 each....

Specially equipped with keen night vision, this nocturnal predator prefers to feed under the cover of night, scattering over large flats or cruising the shallow tops of reefs for shiners, perch and other smaller fishes.  The Lake Erie Walleye is a TRUE NIGHT STALKER, indeed!  


The "Night Stalker" design features a large walleye wrapping continuously from front to back, with the Night Stalker logo over the left chest on a black t-shirt.  The highly-detailed gold body, glowing white eye, gleaming teeth and white tip gives a stunning contrast against the black palette.

The logo depicts the fate of three shiners within the hungry toothy jaws. This model is screened on black, heavy pre-shrunk 100% cotton Fruit of the Loom's "Lofteez".

night stalker walleye fishing logo


The walleye fishing cap "Night Stalker" helps you express your appreciation for this proficient nocturnal predator with its "night vision," sleek profile and canine-like teeth..

Only $16.00 each....
The embroidered walleye is richly detailed with a high stitch count for a shimmering contrasting design, complete with high-lighted white lower tail, as well as the glowing, reflective eye.  The hat is a low-profile, charcoal cotton-twill cap, complete with a "one-size-fits-all" adjustable strap and metal buckle.  









Dress up your fish apparel with the Night Stalker Walleye pin for your hat, lapel, jean jacket , vest, etc.  The enamel glaze is applied by hand, oven-fired and then hand-finished.

Because of the pin's size and heft, the fish are attached to the wearer's clothing with two butterfly clutches for maximum security.  

Only $7.50 each....