The Spring 1997 Issue 
of Lake Erie Walleye

In This Issue
Vol 3, No. 1 Spring, 1997

Walleye News & Fact File

Lake Erie Walleyes: Outlook for 1997
Joe Holly gives a Captains perspective on last year and the upcoming walleye season

Lake Erie Anglers Reel in Excellent Year
Melissa Hathaway gives a Biologist's view of walleye and other fishing prospects for 1997

Lake Erie's "Yellow Gold"
Melissa Hathaway shares with the readers the rich history of the Lake Erie walleye fishery.

Diving Planes on Lake Erie
Mark Hicks shares his experience using Dipsy Dives and related gear for walleyes.

Fast and Furious Trolling
Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson give tips on trolling for 'eyes

Eastern Basin Walleyes
Don Rea shares his successful strategies for catching eastern basin walleyes

Spring Smallmouth Bass Western Basin Style
Captain Joe Holly explains how and where to take this ever more popular game fish.

Ask the Captain

Equipment & Tackle News

Charter Boat Association News

Walleye Tournament Results

Charter Service Directory