The Summer 1997 Issue of 
Lake Erie Walleye

In This Issue
Vol 3, No. 2 Summer, 1997

Lake Erie Walleye News & Fact File
* Smallmouth Bass Rise in Popularity
* Lake Erie Sturgeon Sightings on Rise
* Yellow Perch Fishery Up, Walleye Fishery Down
* Cormorant Diet Study Underway
* Lake Erie Walleye and Perch Quotas Set
* Round Gobies on the Rise

The 1997 Walleye Report
A comprehensive report on the walleye stock assessments using data from Ohio, PA, and NY fish and game agencies.

Why have Crankbaits Become So Popular?
Professional Angler Mike McClelland shares his secrets on using crankbaits.

Vacationing Near Lake Erie? Take the Family Fishing!
Captain Joe Holly gives guidance on choosing a good family fishing charter.

Lake Erie's 'Big Three': Walleye, Yellow Perch and Smallmouth Bass
Species overviews and seasonal and location tips for catching these species

Book Review: Walleye Troubleshooting by Mike McClelland

Ask the Captain
Professional anglers answer your walleye questions.

Equipment & Tackle News

Charter Boat Association News

Walleye Tournament Results

Charter Service Directory


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