The Summer 1998 Issue of Lake Erie Walleye

In This Issue
Vol 4, No. 1 Summer 1998

Lake Erie Walleye News & Fact File

The 1998 Walleye Fisheries Report
Rick Kubb analyzes the walleye fish stocks in Lake Erie using biological survey data

Dog Days - Western Basin Walleyes
Michael Veine shows you how to ind and catch big \eyes in the hear of summer.

PWT Pros Hunt Walleyes on Lake Erie
Keith Kavajecz & Gary Parsons share their tournament experience in catching big fish in big water.

Big Water Trolling
Ted Takasaki gives his perspective on trolling open water and catching trophy walleyes.

Walleye Seasonal Migration Patterns
Dave Kidd discusses the various walleye stocks migratory behavior throughout the lake.

The Eastern Basin Report
Joe Fischer summarizes the summer-time alleye fishing scene in Lake Erie's eastern basin.

Eastern Basin Techniques for Walleyes
Tom Marks gives ideas on locating and catching 'eyes in central and eastern Lake Eriet.

Ask the Captain
Professional anglers answer your walleye questions.

Charter Boat Associations

1998 Lake Erie Walleye Tournament News and Schedules

Charter Service Directory


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