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Spring 2002
Erie 'Eyes Made Simple and Fun
Spring Walleye Success on Erie
Lake Erie Forecast for 2002
Early Spring "Ice-Out" Walleyes
Secrets for Springtime River Walleyes
Steelhead: Lake Erie's Best Kept Secret
More Great Fishing Ahead in 2002 for Lake Erie
Proven Lures & Presentations for Smallmouths: Part II
The Spring 2002 Eastern Lake Erie Fishery Report

Summer 2002
The 2002 Walleye Report
Spinner/Crawler Magic on Lake Erie
Summer Steelhead on Lake Erie
Open Water 'Erie Walleyes
Walleye Night Moves
Wide Open Walleyes
Hot Summer Walleyes
Lake Erie Small Planer Board Basics
The Summer 2002 Eastern Lake Erie Report

Fall 2002
Available, September, 2002

Spring 2001
Spring Run Maumee River Walleyes
Trophy Walleye Magic
Stickbaits for Spring 'Erie Walleyes
Dance a Jig for More Walleyes
Critical Boat Control Produces More Smallmouths
Can Smallmouths Weather the Storm?
The 2001 Lake Erie Fishing Outlook
The Spring 2002 Eastern Lake Erie Report

Summer 2001
The 2001 Walleye Report
Diving Planes for Erie 'Eyes
Fishing Erie's Central Basin
Precision Jigging
Steelhead Madness on Lake Erie
Erie Innovation for Walleyes
Smallmouth on the Rocks
The Summer 2001 Eastern Lake Erie Fishery Report

Fall 2001
The 2001 Yellow Perch Report
Fall Perchin' Lake Erie's Central Basin
Lake Erie Walleye Migrations
Lake Erie's Fall Walleye Bonanza
Erie's Fall Fishing is Fabulous
Fall Tactics for Walleyes
Suspended Fall Walleyes
Proven Lures & Presentations for Smallmouths: Part I

Spring 2000
Understanding Pre-Spawn & Spawning Walleyes
Pre-Spawn and River Walleye Tactics
Post-Spawn Walleye Tactics
World's Greatest Smallmouth Fishery
Trolling for Muddy Water Walleyes
Swing it for More Walleyes
Lake Erie - Walleye Capitol?
Lake Erie and the Year 2000
Eastern Lake Erie Fishing Forecast (Spring 2000)
Ohio's Lake Erie New Record Walleye

Summer 2000
The 2000 Lake Erie Walleye Report
Summer Western Basin Hot Spots
Night-time Strategies for Walleyes
Catching Walleyes After a Cold Front
Lake Erie's Summer Perch
Shallow Water Walleyes
What's Happening to our Lake Erie Fishery?
PWT + Lake Erie = Big 'Eyes
Ohio's New Record Lake Trout
Eastern Lake Erie Fishery Report (Summer 2000)

Fall 2000
The 2000 Lake Erie Perch Report
Crankbait Trolling on Erie
Change Your Thinking; New TEchniques for Erie 'Eyes
Lake Erie's Smallmouths by the Seasons
Nithe Fishing for Walleyes
The Fall 2000 Eastern Lake Erie Fishery Report

Spring 1999
Western Basin Spring "Hot Spots"
Hatchet Spinners Do Work on Erie!
Lake Erie Springs Enormous Walleyes
Hawgs on the Rampage
The 1999 Eastern Basin Fisheries Outlook
Tips on Booking a Lake Erie Charter Fishing Trip

Summer 1999
The 1999 Walleye Fisheries Report
Tactics for Sheer Numbers
Taking the Mystery out of Dipsy Divers
Walleye 101: A Beginner's Guide
Crank it Up and Get Wired
Making Sense out of Line Selections
The Summer 1999 Eastern Lake Erie Report

Fall 1999
The 1999 Yellow Perch Fisheries Report
Fall Perchin' Along Lake Erie
The 1999 Walleye Fishing Wrap Up
Bone-Chilling Big Fall Walleyes!
Choosing and Rigging a Lake Erie Boat
Midwestern Big Water Smallmouths
Common Sense Rod Selections
The Fall 2001 Eastern Lake Erie Report

Spring 1998
Fishing Outlook Brighter for 1998
The Early "Eyes" of Erie
Tough Bit Walleyes
Changing Water Clarity Means Changing Tactics
The Goby Factor
Air Boats and Ice Fishing
The Spring 1998 Eastern Basin Walleye Report
The Lost Art of Fishing

Summer 1998
The 1998 Walleye Fisheries Report
Dog Days - Western Basin Walleyes
PWT Pros Hunt Walleyes on Lake Erie
Big Water Trolling
Walleye Seasonal Migration Patterns
The Summer 1998 Eastern Lake Erie Report

Fall 1998
The 1998 Yellow Perch Fisheries Report
Lake Erie Night 'Eyes
In-Line Planer Board Tactical Review
Midnight Monsters on 'Eire
Central Basin Late Fall Perchin'
The Fall 1998 Eastern Lake Erie Report

Spring 1997
Lake Erie Walleyes; a Forecast
Lake Erie Anglers Reel in Excellent Year
Lake Erie's "Yellow Gold"
Diving Planes on Lake Erie
Fast & Furious Trolling for 'Erie 'Eyes
Eastern Basin Walleyes
Spring Smallmouth Bass Western Basin Style

Summer 1997
The 1997 Walleye Report
Why Have Crankbaits Become So Popular?
Vacationing Near Lake Erie?  Take the Family Fishing.
Lake Erie's Big Three: Walleye, Perch and Smallmouth
The Summer '97 Eastern Basin Report

Fall 1997
The 1997 Yellow Perch Fisheries Report
How Do I Become a Better Fisherman?
Spinner Rigs: Put a Twist on Your Walleye Tactics
Perch Jerkin, Western Basin Style
The Fall '97 Eastern Lake Erie Report
Is There a Future for Loran C?

Spring 1996
Post-Spawn Walleyes
Spring Time Walleyes
Ice-Out Walleyes
Eastern Basin Spring Walleyes
Management of Lake Erie Sportfish

Summer 1996
The 1996 Lake Erie Walleye Report
Trolling for Walleyes
Open Water Walleyes
Bouncing for Walleyes
Eastern Basin 'Eyes & 'Bows
Back to the Basics, the Worm Harness
The 1996 NAWA Lake Erie Qualifier
Ask the Captain

Fall 1996
The 1996 Yellow Perch Report
"Dog Days" Trolling in Erie's Western Basin
Cyberspace - Fishing's Final Frontier
Lat Fall Walleye Shoreline Fishing
Keeping Canadian Gill Netters at Bay
The Fall '96 Eastern Basin Report
Hard Water Walleyes, Ice Fishing Preview

Summer 1995
(First Issue)
The 1994/95 Walleye Report
The Great Walleye Comeback
Lake Erie's Newest Best Kept Secret
Big 'Eye Stories
Ask the Captain

Fall 1995
Changing Times for Western Lake Erie
Late summer and Fall Walleyes
Captain Denny's Central Basin Report
Eastern Basin Walleye Fishing
Ruffe, Storm on the Horizon?
The 1994/95 Perch Report
Summer Walleye Tournament Results