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Fall 2004 Issue

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From the Editor


Fall fishing on Lake Erie can be some of the most enjoyable of all the seasons.  Cooler weather for starters.  The heat of the summer sun can wear down an angler (especially for us seniors) whereas cooler fall weather allows many of us to stay just a little longer out there. 

For the walleye angler, fall weather brings the walleyes in closer to shore and with gas prices being the way they are this is a welcome by most, especially the charter captains.  Not having to travel 18-20 miles offshore as many do in the summer to take walleyes not only saves on the gas but gives anglers more fishing time.  The Huron area continues to be one of the best hot spots for fall walleye angling on the lake.  Many of the central Lake Erie captains move their operations to Huron and Vermilion at this time of year.

Then there is the perch factor.  Fall brings the perch into tighter schools, making limit catches much more easy than in in spring and summer.  Nothing better than to sit in that big pack of boats when everyone is catching fish.  It's fun to hear the conversations from neighboring boats when the 'bite is on'.  It's most enjoyable to listen to the young kids, some of whom is their first fishing trip as dad or grandpa has taken them on the boat to do some perchin'.  The excitement in the young voices carries a far distance on the open water. Perch fishing this year has been fantastic and by most expert accounts next year should be even better.

The only lamenting thing about fall fishing is the reminder that is always in the chilled air that the end of the fishing season is closing in.  Fall can bring some nasty weather patterns as well.  It's important to pick your days and for those that have the luxury of doing so, go as often as you can when the lake lays down flat.  There are fewer of these days than there are in the summer months.   It won't be long now till fisherman begin pulling their boats and docks and preparing for winter.   In these final few weeks of fishing, best of luck to all and fill those freezers for the winter!