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The 2004 Braggin' Board
LAKE ERIE Trophy Walleyes taken
 during the 2004 Fishing Season

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Captain Larry Woods and crew with their second place finish catch of walleyes (4 eyes between 25-29 inches total weight 30.35 pounds) from the
Walleye Central Braggin' rights tourney.

Jimmy's First 'Eye caught on 11/17/04 at Catawba

This hog is out of the Rocky River, November 23rd, while trolling in 15'


Mike Coman caught this 12 pound 29 inch walleye on 9/15/04 at the Vermilion Sandbar.  Netted by able seaman First Class, Jeff Branic.

Mike Lachat caught this 30" walleye by casting aboard Coe Vanna Charters on June 11, 2004 off West Reef

Ron Clendennen caught this 28 incher on Labor Day weekend mile N of East end of break wall.


Eric Adams took this 31 inch, 12 pounder off the Huron Pier on 10/25/04.  Good Goin Eric!

Scott Hamelin with a nice rack of eyes taken in June in the western basin, off of holiday beach trolling harnesses in
18 feet of water.

John Pedzimez with two beauties taken while fishing with his "Hell's Anglers" buddies from Chicago.
  The group fished western Lake Erie
with Captain Cadez

Mike Kuzdzal with two trophies taken on 7/17/04 near Dunkirk, NY while fishing with brothers Kevin and Dave.

Cheryl caught this one; "28 1/4 iches 9 1/2lbs" on 7/29/04 around the northern part of the sandbar, off of Lorain, about 45 min from home (Huron).


Jake and Cheryl Pastorius took these walleyes between Huron and Vermilion in June, 2004.  Jake's fish measured
 29 inches.

Here is Robert Bartley a U.S. Army Calvary Soldier on leave with a 29 inch Walleye caught on June 20th 2004 while fishing with Predator Fishing Charters.

Rick Kiesow and his buddies from South Dakota with April Erie 'eyes

Norm Drzewiecki and daughter with a nice 'eye taken off the reef complex near David Bessie power plant

Tony Hartman with 'eyes taken around "B" can on April 17th in the western basin.

Dave Varitek with two nice 'eyes taken around "B" can in western basin
on April 17th.

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John Hass with two nice 'eyes taken
off of Cleveland

Keith & Josh with fish taken off of Lorain, OH.  Fish ranged from 29 to 30 inches.

Craig Early and his group from Dayton, OH with a nice catch off of Lorain fishing with Capt. Jaycox and the Miss Majestic.


Two Fish Ohio's taken out of Lorain, Ohio. by Matt Adams, a 30 inch 10 pounder  and a 28 inch 8 pounder.

Chris Beach with a pair of Fish Ohios taken on April 10th.

Nice 10 pound 10 ounce 31" walleye taken while Night Fishing

Bill Beach with a 29 inch 8 pound Fish Ohio Walleye taken
while on the Erie Drifter

7 of 9 fish taken this day on the Erie Drifter were Fish Ohio Walleye

A 31 inch, 11 pound Lorain Night Eye from Brian Allen

28 inch seven pounder
 taken on 4/17/04


Mr. Land, "Landed" a nice one!

Scott Kraemer's 28.5" walleye taken north of Kelly's Island on 4/3/04

Not the biggest 'eye, but it is the first 2004 Braggin Board walleye, taken while ice fishing, early this year.



Send us your Braggin' Board Walleyes.  Send via e-mail to [email protected]
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Lake Erie Walleye
  P.O. Box 421 Ballwin, MO 63022
We'll post your hawg 'eye on our Braggin' Board for the world to see.