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The 2005 Braggin' Board
LAKE ERIE Trophy Walleyes taken
 during the 2005Fishing Season

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Fishermen, Show us your Walleye!!

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Ed Ledgard with a 29" 9.5 pounder taken April 28th at Orleans Park in the Maumee River.  Nice one Ed!

Tony Mudrock with a 9 pounder caught on May 29th off Sheffield Lake  using a lindy rig with crawler.

Fishermen, Show us your Walleye!!

Michigan Stinger Spoons
Scorpions: $3.69
Reg. Size Stingers: $3.89



10 pound 30 incher taken by Matt Hahn off
of Cranberry Creek on October 14th

Bob Adkins with a hawg 'eye taken
near the end of August


Jeff davis with a 29 inch ,10 pound walleyecaught 11-2-05 at 8:00 p.m. at night at sterling statepark Monroe, Mich. on a redhead bomber long-Acrankbait in 3 feet of water right off the beach.

Scott Kuvshinikov with an 11 pound, 31 incher taken in July off of Presque Isle, PA.  Scott used a small dipsey and rainbow trout stinger spoon.


Tom & Norman Addair and Wayne Terry with a 3-man limit of walleyes from a super day of walleye fishing North of Conneaut, OH. 

Nick Schuler with two nice ones taken north of Ashtabula Harbor, OH on September 11th

A nice 30" 10 pounder walleye taken off of Cattaraugus Creek, NY
by 'Crew Canada'
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Bob Rossley with a hawg 'eye taken while fishing north of Ashtabula Harbor in late September with Captain John Johns of Lake Erie Charters.  Good going Bob!

John Vogelman (left) with his first 10 pounder taken while fishing Eastern Lake Erie with Capt. Don Ruppert of WaveTamer Sportfishing.

Robert Swiney with a 12.5 32" hawg taken on 7/9/05
out of Eastlake, OH

Nat C. took this 27 incher off of the Lorain, OH Sandbar, September18th.  Nice one Nat!

Kenny Morris (aka walleyekenny) with a
Lake Erie 29 inch 9+ pounder
taken at night on a reef runner

Brodie Napaver with a nice 'eye caught while trolling off of Vermilion, OH on July 20th

Rolland Chartrand with a nice Lake Erie 7 pounder.

Scott & Friends with a few hawgs
taken near Put 'n Bay this past April

Larry of McConnellsville caught a 29 inch 'eye on June 18th, north of the Grand River, OH

Tim with his 29" trophy taken on June 12th while trolling spoons in western Lake Erie

John of Mentor, OH caught these nice 'eyes on June 19th, north of the Grand River

Neal Cowfer with a 29.5" 9.5 pounder caught at Conneaut Lake while perch fishing

Paul Johnson with a 30" wall hanger caught north west of Kelly's Island on April 20th.

Dennis Carey from Wisconsin took this 29.5 inch trophy off of Kelly's Island
on June 7th.

Carla Ainslie with nice 26", 6 pounder caught on June 5th west of Rattlesnake Island.

Mike Townsend with a big female caught at C-Can on Western Lake Erie at the end of April

Jimmy Lang with a 8+ pounder taken in April on Western Lake Erie

The 'Northern Iowa Guys' with a boat load of nice 'eyes taken north of  North Bass Island on May 24th.

Rodney Boals with a 29.5 incher, 10+ pounder taken while night fishing out of Vermillion east of the Break Wall on May 25th.

Jason Sisky with a 33" heavyweight taken 2.5 miles west of the Chagrin River using a worm harness

Paul Seiber caught this 32 1/2" wall hanger on the north side of Kelly's.  The fish was caught on April 20th.

Matt Keegan with a 10+ pounder taken from the Maumee River near Fremont on April 3rd.

Wayne Weeks caught this 32 1/2" wall hanger on the north side of Kelly's.  The fish was caught on April 16th.

Scott Kraemer with a 32" eye caught north of Kelly's Island on April 15th

Ted Derynda with a 29" Erie eye caught and released on the flats north of the "Parking Lot' while trolling.  April 16th

Ted Derynda with pair of Erie eyes of 30" and 32" cuaght North of Kelley's Island on April 16th

Jeff J took this nice 27" 9 pounder fishing off of Rattlesnake Island on 2/25/05

Mike D took this 29" 10.5 pounder while ice fishing on 2/25/05 off of rattlesnake Island

Send us your Braggin' Board Walleyes.  Send via e-mail to [email protected]
Simply mail us a quality color photo of your trophy fish to:

Lake Erie Walleye
  P.O. Box 421 Ballwin, MO 63022
We'll post your hawg 'eye on our Braggin' Board for the WALLEYE WORLD to see!!