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$21.00   "6 Packs" of Scorpion Stinger Spoons (Choose 6-Pack "A" or 6-Pack "B")
$34.00  NEW Digitized Lake Erie Western Basin Map on CD ROM
$10.00  Lake Erie Fishing Maps
$12.00   Our Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Cap
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Join the LUNKER CLUB  $12.00
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Pick up a "Six Pack" or TWO of Scorpion Spoons ($21.00 each)
These are top selling spoons on Lake Erie!

6-Pack  "A"  6-Pack  "B" 
Confusion (XCH78)
Copper Oil Slick (XCH85)
Perch (XG4)
Rainbow Trout (XS9)
Shrimp (XSHRIMP)
Watermelon (XSHWM)
Copper Dolphin (XCH72)
Freezer Burn (XSH122)
Halloween (XSOH)
Monkey Puke (XSH59)
Purple Parrot (XSH87)
Superman (XS97)

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Maps

NEW Digitized Western Basin Map on CD ROM ($34.00 each)

Traditional Lake Erie Maps  ($10.00 each):
-- Lake Erie Western Basin Map 
-- Lake Erie Bass Islands Area Map 
-- Lake Erie Major Western Basin Reefs 
-- Lake Erie's Sandusky Bay Area 
-- Lake Erie Central Basin  (currently out of print)
-- Eastern Basin (PA/NY State Line to Sturgeon Point) 
-- Eastern Basin (Sturgeon Point - Peace Bridge - Point Abino) 

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Cap
($12.00 each)

Lake Erie Walleye Magazine Back Issues
($4.00 each)
Spring 2001
Fall  2000
Summer 2000
Spring 2000
Fall 1999
Summer 1999


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