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Fishing With Steve on New Ranger 300 G2

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Walleye Fishing Articles

Yesterday, March 12th, I took the new Ranger/300 G2 for it’s inaugural test run, before taking any customers out. My friend, Steve, and I hit the launch at Mazurik’s at 7:30am and headed out.

There was sunshine at the docks, but as we headed west towards Mouse Island, the fog got thicker and thicker, until we were moving at just above an idle speed. I put the navigation lights in, to help others see my rig, so they wouldn’t run into me. I was amazed how many other boats didn’t do the same.

We set lines just west of the ferry crossing, so we didn’t have to worry about getting hit by the ferry as she moved back and forth from Catawba to South Bass Island, since we couldn’t see further than 25 yards at the most.

Our program started out with Perfect 10’s run 20/20 and 30/30 with a 1oz snap weight, and Deep Husky Jerks 50-65 back behind Off Shore planer boards, at a speed of 1.0-1.2mph.

We picked up three fish there. Then, as the fog began to dissipate, and our field of vision became wider, we began to see how many other boats were near us.
It was then, that we received a call from Capt Kevin, (who I team with on the water on most days, since we run the same type of charter, and we help each other out)….he had a good bite going near South Bass, and told me to run over there by him. So, we did.
After a couple passes there, with 4 fish caught and released, we left and went back towards Mouse/Catawba Point and pulled three more fish in that area. We ended our day at 2pm with a total of 10 fish….all released to swim another day.

The best colors for us were the Lemon Lime Crush, Marvin, Blue Chrome, Anti-Freeze, and Pink Lemonade, and a color I do not know the name of….with Anti-freeze being the best.

We did run an Anti-Freeze Bandit, and that color that’s in the pic, 43 back and pulled three fish on the Anti-freez, and one on the pink one, so the Bandits are working well too. The two caught on DHJ’s were on an Anti-Freeze and a purple/chart/pink custom color….(there’s too many names for me to remember what they are..sorry!) lol

It was a fun day, that ended with steaks on the grill, margaritas, and a fine cigar…(the reason this report is a day late! Ha!) Who could ask for anything more?

My next trip is this coming Tuesday. The winds are supposed to be less than 10, and mostly cloudy. I hope that forecast stays the same, so we can get out and catch some fish!

Stay tuned….

Capt Juls