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The 2006 Walleye  Braggin' Board
Trophy Walleyes taken from LAKE ERIE (and other walleye hot spots)
 during the 2006 Fishing Season

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Bob Dale with two trophies taken out of Geneva State Park on July 30th.
 Both caught on green crawler harnesses.

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Visit the Walleye Tackle Store

Replace this ad with your Walleye!
Send in your Braggin Board Pic!

It's Simple, attach your photo
 to this Email: [email protected]


Ryan Vicars caught this 28" 8.2 lb. Walleye off Huron in November trolling a
reef runner ripstick (cheap sunglasses).

Amy Raught with with a nice looking 'eye. 
Good goin' Amy!

Tom Raught with with a 6 pounder.
Good goin' Tom!

Paul with a Night 'eye taken off of Cleveland on Thanksgiving Night.  No Turkey Here!

Brian Zumack with a 33" 12 pounder taken December 15th 2006 out of E72nd st   30 lead off of boards with a 6 Chartreuse Rapala

Mike Vicars with a 29.5 " 9.5 lb Walleye taken 2 Miles out of Huron River (Lake Erie) on 11/08/06
 Trolling Reef Run 800 Series (Cheap Sunglasses) 1.5 mph

Captain Bob with a Nice One!

Jack Dwyer with 2 Fish Ohio's, both over 11 pounds while Night fishing off Cleveland on November 15th.  Used Husky Jerk 14s 10 back off of planer boards.

Erie Boy with a nice 'eye taken from on shore. 
Must be the Christmas Season!!

Jen Hanna with a nice walleye!

Drew Kimmelmann with a December thirteen pounder caught while Casting in Lorain with a #12Tennesee Shad Rapala Husky Jerk. Fish was 34 inches
 with over a 24 inch girth.

Sean Beskid and Bubba Strauss with nice 'eyes taken off of the Cleveland shoreline Dec. 01, 2006
 aboard the Lacey J.


Matt Suman with a 24 incher "Shoreline" walleye
 from October, 2006

Jay Steiner holding pigs caught casting off bakers point.

Coach Blue with a 12 and a half pounder
casting at night

Ronnie Marrero with two walleye out of Lorain, OH,
29" and 29 1/2 ".  Good goin Ronnie!

Walleye Dave from Michigan with a Late Fall 'eye.
 Good going Walleye Dave!

Captain Doug Lowery, Butch Lowery, Brian Lake and Frank Trader with a good walleye haul.

Bruce Garren of Alliance, OH with two king size 'eyes
(9.5 and 11.5 pounds) taken on June 10th
while fishing near Kelley's Island

Mike LaChat with a 29 1/2" 'eye caught using a weight-forward aboard the Waterwitch
on July 23rd.

Rene Torres with two 29" walleyes taken off of Lorain, OH

Debbie Patton with her first walleye of 2006
 taken off of Stoney Point (Monroe, MI). 

Chris Wallace with a 10 pounder taken during the Streiff's Walleye Torunament on Lake of the Woods,
held on July 15-16, 2006

Mike LaChat with a 30.5" walleye taken on
May 25th, 2006 aboard Coe-Vanna Charters

John with two hog eyes taken
 while trolling at night!

Joe Kelly with a 10.5 pounder taken in April off of the Camp Perry Firing Range in
Western Lake Erie.  

Richard Creque with this 8.5 pounder taken on July 7th, 2006.  Wife "Becca' netted the monster.  Good team work!

Capt. Jeff Damante With a 33 inch spawned out female caught off Davis Bessie in 4 ft of water
 aboard the BADFISH 2... April 13 2006

Dustin Aldrich with a fine 'eye caught at Angasotra Lake, South Dakota, June 23.  Well it isn't Lake Erie
but it's a mighty fine walleye!!

Hilda Grummons with a big one taken also at Angasotra Lake, South Dakota,  June 23.  Well it isn't Lake Erie
but it's a walleye!! Good goin Hilda!!

Amanda Barney, Parma, OH with her first ever Walleye taken on 6/10/06 at Port Clinton aboard the "Fintastic".  Way to go Amanda!!

Mark Hahn with a 9 pounder taken off of Huron in May, 2006

Stacy Logan of Rossford, OH with a 6 pound 30 incher taken on June 12th, 4 miles east of West Sister Island aboard the "Large Fry".  Good goin Stacy!!

Scott Hamelin with a 29 1/2" hog taken in the lower Detroit River on a bottom bouncer

Larry K. with two hogs, 28" and 31" taken on June 10th off Vermillion in 35' of water.

"Bossman Baker" with a 31 incher caught north of Rattlesnake Island in April.

Bob and Jeff with two nice 'eyes taken April 14th north of Kellys Island

Two more from 9 pounders from Bob Getz caught on weight raplala scales, trolling North of Kellys Island on April 15th.

John Losch caught this walleye out of Conneaut on 6/8/06 aboard the "Reel Deal".  Not too bad for the first walleye trip of the year. 

Nice 'eye from Fred Davis

Bob Getz with a 9 pound, 30 incher taken on worm harness along western basin, north border along cans

Bob and Kirk with a 9.3 and a 8.9 walleye taken April 13th, trolling north of Kellys Island.

Brodie Napaver (right) with friend and walleye taken while trolling Reef Runners around Kelly's Island shoal on Saturday, April 15th.
David Batista and Ryan Rorbaugh - Walleye caught while trolling reef runners off the west end of Kelly's Island. 
 1-10.6, 3- 9lb, 3-7lb, 1-5lb.


Scott Kraemer (top) with a 29 incher and Tony Bong (bottom) with his largest fish ever, a 28 incher, both taken on April 13th near Rattlesnake Island

Nancy Hill with her 12.5 lb. 31 1/2"  monster walleye caught May 30, 2005,  while tolling reefs off of South Bass Island in 8 ft. of water on a perch Shad-Rap.
Captain Dwayne & friends with 4 walleyes caught on March 26.  Two were over 14 lbs.
All four fish were caught trolling ReefRunners
North of Niagara Reef.

Doug Withstandley, a student at Purdue University,
got this sow on March 30, 2006

Send us your Braggin' Board Walleyes.  Send via e-mail to [email protected]
Simply mail us a quality color photo of your trophy fish to:

Lake Erie Walleye
  P.O. Box 421 Ballwin, MO 63022
We'll post your hawg 'eye on our Braggin' Board for the WALLEYE WORLD to see!!