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The 2008 Walleye  Braggin' Board
Trophy Walleyes taken from LAKE ERIE (and other walleye hot spots)
 during the 2008 Fishing Season

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 Terri Boyd  with an eye-full caught at Lake Erie on  8/8/08.


Reed and Patrick with some nice Lake Erie Walleyes!


Jonathan Krueger with some big eyes caught May off of North Bass Island.

No weight but it was 30"
Fishing with my Brother on 4/22/08
Trolling Reef Runners in Brest Bay on Lake Erie
We launched out of Sterling State park and were fishing inside of the bay
Had a great day. And this was the last fish we caught.  Royce

31.5 inch 10.5 pound walleye
caught north of niagra reef
Mike Vicars

Chris Beach with 2 walleye caught in the Western Basin on 4-20-08. The fish on the left was 29 3/4 inches and the fish on the right was 25 inches.

Ed Jefferson with a nice King take off of Big Sable Point last August.

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Terri's son (above) and family again with some beautiful eye caught at Lake Erie on  8/8/08.


Here is Terri with a great catch. Weighed 9 lbs. and measured 28 1/2 inches. 
Terri's still excited about as she should be!!!


Steve Meloche, Keith Maday and friend Kevin with hogs
 caught 5-4-2008
Lake Erie in Brest Bay 2 6lb, 2 5lb, the rest 3 -4 lbs

Bill Burton with a 28 1/2 inch eye caught on 5-2-08 north of rattlesnake island.

Fished off of Cleveland Tue. night 4/22.  All fish were 9-12 lbs. 28" +.  In picture are friends (L) Howie Baldwin, and (R) Sean "Big Boy" Beskid.  It's going to be another good year!

Sean "Big Boy" Beskid

Steve Salapak with his 31" walleye caught off of the Lorain, OH Sandbar on August 25 2007 while fishing with Steve Fink.





Send us your Braggin' Board Walleyes.  Send via e-mail to [email protected]
Simply mail us a quality color photo of your trophy fish to:

Lake Erie Walleye
  P.O. Box 421 Ballwin, MO 63022
We'll post your hawg 'eye on our Braggin' Board for the WALLEYE WORLD to see!!